Share your Porta-Shitter Stories

Calling All Veterans: Let's Share Some Porta-Shitter Stories! 

We know you've got some hilarious, wild, and unforgettable stories from your days in the field. Those portable restrooms, AKA porta-shitters, have witnessed it all! 

We're on a mission to hear your tales – the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous. Did you ever find yourself in an epic showdown with your limp dick? Or maybe you've got a story of camaraderie that could only happen in those tight spaces.

Drop your porta-shitter stories in the comments below, and let's have a good laugh and share those unique moments that we can relate to. Whether you were deployed overseas or just in training, we want to hear it all! 

Let's keep the memories alive and give a shoutout to those porta-shitters that have seen us through thick and thin. Share away and always remember...... Wagner <3's Cock. 

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Afghanistan, Ghazni Province
Sometime between September and November 2010.

My platoon was out all day manning a checkpoint during the elections in Afghanistan. After twelve hours we packed up and returned to the FOB. After our arrival the FOB was hammered with IDF. Way more than usual. Our platoon leader told everyone to sit tight in the vehicle while he ran to the TOC to find out what was going on and if we were needed. I was in the turret. I had been holding in a shit for the entire day. Nobody in the MRAP would switch out with me and open the rear door to let me out. I climbed out of the turret, ran to the Porta-Shitter, stripped off my gear, and started taking a shit. It was a bit surreal pinching a loaf while listening to rockets and mortars hitting the base. Figured dying was less embarrassing than shitting myself. Turns out another platoon had gotten ambushed in a nearby district. A place where everybody got hit no matter what. Had a couple vehicles down they couldn’t recover and they running low on ammunition. The enemy decided to throw a substantial amount of IDF at the base in an effort to suppress any help that might respond. I was able to finish my business, get my gear back on, and climb back in the turret before we left to go help out the other platoon.


I remember reading about a guy who shit on a lizard once. Think it was on reddit.


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