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AGM Rattler TC35-384

AGM Rattler TC35-384

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The AGM Rattler TC35-384 is a thermal imaging clip-on system designed to quickly convert daytime optics into a thermal imaging device. It offers various features that enhance its functionality in challenging environmental conditions. Here's a breakdown of the key specifications and features:

  1. Thermal Resolution: The device features a thermal detector with a resolution of 384x288 pixels. This resolution allows for detailed thermal imaging and target identification.

  2. Image Processing Technology:

    • Adaptive AGC: Adaptive Automatic Gain Control helps optimize image brightness in different lighting conditions.
    • DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement): DDE enhances image details and sharpness to improve target recognition.
    • 3D DNR (3D Digital Noise Reduction): 3D DNR reduces image noise, resulting in clearer and more accurate images.
  3. Display: The device is equipped with a 0.39-inch OLED display that has a resolution of 748x561 pixels. This display provides a clear view of the thermal images, even in challenging environments like darkness, fog, and adverse weather conditions.

  4. Magnification and Lens: The system offers 1X magnification and includes a 35mm lens. This setup allows you to easily attach the clip-on system to rifle scopes with magnifications up to 8x, making it suitable for medium-range use.

  5. Digital Zoom: The Rattler TC35-384 offers an 8x digital zoom feature, allowing you to zoom in on the thermal image for better target identification at various distances.

  6. Application and Wi-Fi: The clip-on system includes an onboard Wi-Fi module that enables live video streaming and recording of videos/images through a dedicated application. This feature enhances the device's versatility and enables real-time sharing of observations.

  7. Color and Finish: The AGM Rattler TC35-384 comes in a black matte finish, making it compatible with various rifle scopes and optics.

  8. Applications: The device is designed for scenarios such as patrolling, hunting, and other activities that require enhanced visibility in low-light or adverse conditions.

  9. Quick Transformation: One of the key features of the Rattler TC35-384 is its ability to easily attach to existing daytime optics, transforming them into thermal imaging scopes without the need for special tools or equipment.

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