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AGM Rattler TS35-640

AGM Rattler TS35-640

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The AGM Rattler TS35-640 is a compact and versatile thermal imaging scope designed to operate in a wide range of weather and environmental conditions. Below are the key specifications and features of this thermal imaging scope:

  1. Thermal Resolution: The device features a high thermal resolution of 640x512 pixels, allowing for detailed and clear thermal imaging of targets.

  2. Sensitivity Detector: Equipped with a high-sensitivity thermal detector with a NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of 35 mK, the scope excels at detecting temperature differences, even in challenging conditions.

  3. Imaging Rate: With a fast imaging rate of 50 Hz, the scope provides smooth and responsive thermal imaging.

  4. Display: The scope features a 0.39-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. This display ensures clear thermal images, even in adverse conditions such as darkness, fog, and varying weather.

  5. Optical Magnification: The scope offers variable optical magnification, ranging from 2x to 16x, allowing users to zoom in on targets for enhanced accuracy and identification.

  6. Video Recording and Storage: The built-in EMMC storage with a capacity of 16 GB enables video recording and snapshot capture. This feature is valuable for recording observations and sharing findings.

  7. Lens: The Rattler TS35-640 is equipped with a 35mm Germanium lens, making it suitable for medium-range shooting applications.

  8. Versatility: This thermal imaging scope serves as both a thermal rifle scope when mounted on a firearm and as a handheld monocular for observation.

  9. Applications: The scope is designed for a variety of scenarios, including patrolling and hunting, where improved visibility and detection in low-light and challenging conditions are crucial.

  10. Color and Finish: The scope's black matte finish contributes to its compatibility with various setups and environments.

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