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Highland Zeffree Tactical

QTNVG – Quad Tube Night Vision Goggles "Pro Model"

QTNVG – Quad Tube Night Vision Goggles "Pro Model"

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Nightfall Optics is proud to offer the QTNVG – Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles which are designed to be a GPNVG competitor! The purpose of the QTNVG is not on only a flex but gives the user 120 degree Field Of View which is a huge advantage over the traditional 40-50 degree FOV which is a HUGE advantage!

The center two lenses point forward like traditional dual-tube goggles, giving the operator more depth perception, while two more tubes point slightly outward from the center to increase peripheral view. The two tubes on the right and the two on the left are spliced at the eyepieces. The operator sees the two center tubes somewhat overlapping the two outer tubes to produce an unprecedented 120° FOV. This is an absolute game-changer for the SOF community.

The two right and two left tubes are housed in merged assemblies and are hung from a bridge, giving operators inter-pupillary adjustment options. They can also be easily removed and operated as independent handheld viewers. The IPD of the two system can be adjusted on the helmet mount. Total weight complete is 30oz

The QTNVG carries a one-year manufacturer limited warranty on the housing and internal components. This warranty covers failures due to manufacturing defects, and premature failure during normal use. Outside of this warranty period, repairs and replacements will be assessed on a case by case basis and determined by Nightfall Optics if covered under warranty!


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