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Team Wendy Exfil SL

Team Wendy Exfil SL

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The EXFIL® Ballistic SL is an advanced helmet designed to provide enhanced protection and functionality for military, law enforcement, and other tactical applications. Here are some key features and improvements of the EXFIL® Ballistic SL compared to its predecessor:

  1. Lightweight Composite Shell: The EXFIL® Ballistic SL features a new lightweight composite shell that reduces its weight by 15% compared to the original EXFIL® Ballistic helmet. This reduction in weight can contribute to improved comfort during extended use.

  2. Optimal Fit: The helmet maintains the unique EXFIL® shell geometry that ensures an optimal fit on a variety of head shapes, enhancing comfort and wearability.

  3. EXFIL® Rail 3.0 Accessory Mounting System: The new EXFIL® Rail 3.0 is an accessory mounting system that is 25% lighter than the previous EXFIL® Rail 2.0 system. This system allows for the attachment of various tactical accessories, such as lights, cameras, and communication devices, enhancing the helmet's versatility and adaptability.

  4. Compatibility with EXFIL® Accessories: The EXFIL® Rail 3.0 system is designed to be compatible with standard EXFIL® accessories, allowing users to customize their helmet setup according to their specific needs.

  5. EXFIL® Ballistic Visor: The helmet was designed in conjunction with the new EXFIL® Ballistic Visor, which likely provides additional face protection against ballistic and impact threats. This visor is likely to attach to the helmet's rail system for quick and secure mounting.

  6. SL Shroud by Wilcox®: The helmet features a new SL Shroud from Wilcox®, which is 35% lighter than the previous Wilcox® W Shroud. Despite the weight reduction, it still maintains the ability to mount Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and is compatible with lanyards, contributing to the overall versatility of the helmet.

  7. CAM FIT™ Retention System: The helmet utilizes the innovative CAM FIT™ Retention System, a boltless mechanism that allows for quick and easy adjustment to individual head shapes. This system ensures a secure fit and minimizes movement during high-intensity activities.

  8. Zorbium® Foam Liner: The helmet's interior features a Zorbium® foam liner that provides customizable comfort while also offering protection against blunt impact forces. This liner enhances both comfort and safety for the wearer.

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