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BNVD USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack)

BNVD USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack)

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Introducing the USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack), your ultimate solution for powering your Night Vision Device remotely. Designed to accommodate 4xAA batteries, this compact pack includes a Fischer cable for seamless connectivity.

Compatible exclusively with specific night vision goggles such as the BNVD-1431, BNVD-931, BNVD PVS-31A, and GPNVG, the USBP ensures reliable performance. Please note that the USBP cable is incompatible with LEMO connections found in devices like ANVIS, RNVG, or KATANA. However, with a Fischer to LEMO cable, compatibility can be achieved.

Each USBP package includes the battery pack itself, a power cable, and loop velcro for easy attachment to your helmet. The USBP features a convenient switch at the bottom to activate the IR strobes.

Enjoy extended operational times with up to 50 hours of runtime using 4xAA batteries. Additionally, activating the IR strobes reduces the runtime to 25 hours.

Upgrade your night vision setup with the versatility and convenience of the USBP. (BNVD-1431 not included)

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